Here's what some of Leora's students and parents have to say...

Nazgul Khibasheva, Kazakhstan:

When my daughter Bakhyt -- we are from Kazakhstan -- decided to apply to American universities, she started to look for agencies through which she could apply to the US, both at home and abroad, with a chance of receiving scholarships and financial aid. But in working with them, neither my daughter nor my husband and I were satisfied, since their price and quality were not what we were looking for.

Meeting Leora was a turning point, since she inspired Bakhyt to apply to Cornell University. It's the first among the top universities in my daughter's field. Leora convinced her to apply and prepared her as much as possible: she helped her to write essays and with all the other steps. I think that Leora designed the right strategy -- the result of which was Bakhyt's early acceptance to Cornell!!! I recommend working with Leora to anyone interested in applying to American universities!

CR, Washington, DC parent of graduating senior, Class of 2022:

Leora provided much0needed guidance and support to our student at a critical time. Her wise advice was spot-on for us and helped our student move from a place of being stuck toward a much more self-directed place. On a personal note, Leora's calm and supportive demeanor was an excellent fit for our student and she enjoyed working with her very much. We could not be more pleased with our results, and are grateful to Leora for her support all along the way.

AM, Denver, CO graduating senior, Class of 2022:

With Leora's help, my college application experience was significantly less daunting. Leora guided me through the process and helped me set timely goals. After getting to know me, Leora helped me refine my search and clarify what I was looking for in a university. She introduced me to institutions I hadn’t thought about. Throughout our time working together, I always felt very supported. With the help of her feedback, I submitted essays I was proud to call mine, but her assistance spanned more than just helping me write essays; she introduced me to colleagues and former clients of hers who she believed would be beneficial to my college application experience and decisions process. I was able to ask questions and learn more about the schools and experiences I was seeking. My work with Leora paid off: I was accepted to multiple colleges, a few I thought were out of reach and merely aspirational. I enjoyed my time working with Leora immensely. I don't think you can find a more supportive and effective college advisor.

D, Cherkassy, Ukraine (participant in English for Ukraine! classes for adults):

During English class, you always tell us things and explain in English. I thought that I would ask a question, and you would make it easier for me by answering in my own language -- but you answer in English, which makes me smile. It helps me adapt to the English language. Your friends [i.e., native speaker guests during weekly conversation hours] are great to talk to. I am always suprised by all the connections you have: the different guests always talk about super cool things. You're amazing, I got really lucky with you. I give our classes 11/10. Let's also not forget our grammar classes and our virtual tours around Harvard and Boston. Thanks also for correcting my English in our private chats :)

Taras, Sumy, Ukraine (participant in English for Ukraine! classes for adults):

After a month of studying with Leora, I can say only one thing: she is a great teacher. Lessons are filled with everything we need to learn. Every topic is interesting and fun to study, especially when we have invited speakers. Sometimes lessons can be challenging, but Leora is always ready to help. Now she is not just a teacher, she is our friend. Leora, thank you very much!

Daria, Lviv, Ukraine (participant in English for Ukraine! classes for adults):

If I could go back to my school times, I would have such a great English teacher like Leora Eisenberg. The lessons are a perfect cocktail of theory, practice, dynamism, humour, and positive emotions in an academic setting. You always want to come back to the class. It is the most important indicator for me.

Marina, Germany (participant in English for Ukraine! classes for adults):

Thank you very much for what you do. You share your knowledge and energy with us. You are wonderful!

Andrew, Kyiv (participant in English for Ukraine! classes for adults) -- earned a 120 on the Duolingo English Exam (equivalent of 97-120 on the TOEFL) after two months with me:

I have been learning English with Leora for several months. I had always thought that English was my weakness, even though I had the level of English which was usually called "not bad." I couldn't speak it fluently, pick the right words, or make grammar constructions quickly and correctly yet. Now I can definitely state that Leora is a magnificient teacher. My doubtful B1 has turned into a strong B2, which is considered to be a huge result in the circle of English teachers (according to some other teachers I have talked to). Leora uses the most efficient way to make a person take absorb a language — a lot of practice. She always chooses interesting ideas to discover and thought-provoking topics to discuss. Her lessons are really ones I'm waiting for and anticipating happily. The variety of emotions we feeling during the whole hour — sincere interest, laughing out loud, and even the responsibility for homework we were asked to do — makes us motivated. Leora helped me to catch the beauty of English. One of the most memorable moments was that time when Leora was singing with us a Billy Joel song and helped us to distinguish the lyrics. So I'm convinced that she is the very teacher you've dreamt of!

K, Cyprus (participant in Sunflower 101's English classes for Ukrainian children):

Thank you for the lessons, they were incredible. For me, it was a unique experience, because they weren't only about grammar and vocabulary, we had an opportunity to discuss so many interesting things like art and music. Definitely, one of the coolest courses I've ever attended!